Saturday, April 24, 2010


When the silence of the peace was shattered by the ragging war, when the arena was flooded with the blood,when the hills were formed with death bodies, when the people were living in the state of misery,pain and suffering;nowhere from the heaven descended Florence Nightingale to help the needy, cure the pain with her gentle touch, heal the wound with the loving care, suppress the emotional distress with the pour of sympathy and generiosity and give hopes to hoplessness. It was during this time,Nursing which is embellished with the flowers of arts and science came to being.
Like any other profession, nursing has its body of knowledge and scienctific principles. Nursing is an art for the skills required to perfomed nursing interventions are profound and its science for there is involvement of scientific rationale.
I as the son and the follower of Florence Nightingale, would like to dedicate all my life lending helping hand for the needy irrespective of colour, race, caste, creed and religion. All the interventions I take will be based on culture,values and ethics of a particular group of the people.

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