Saturday, April 24, 2010

Man is the architecture of his own fate

No man is great by imitation. All the world leaders are ordinary person. God has given paramount boons for each and every single hair dwelling in the world. So how dare anyone can tell that fate has concocted his life in this and that way? If we dive deep down the ocean of reality we can notice that even the ant has the capability to earn and live independently as human or any other living creatures do.
No one is to blame but myself, yourself,himself and so forth. The shape of life we assume presently reflects the mode of life we had led in the past,for the present is the son of the past.
Man can be what he wants to be but most of us surrender the covetous aspirations to fear, guilt and social criticism.Every human being is born to be someone based on the way he tune the melody of his life.
I can feel and see the wind of sarcasm howling and buzzing through my ear when someone blame all the happening for the karma,the fate, when its intentionally performed. We can rightly say that these are the people who are really immuned to humilation and embarrastment. How pridely they raise the voice on the top of the lung to say "its fated not bloated". Remember no dog will follow if goddamn bitch does not wag and wiggle its tail.
I disdain this word sorry. Its damn shit term that flow freely from the snarling mouth of the shit who has cause the blood to ooze out from someone's heart. How can a shit tell sorry when he has already inflicted unbearable pain? Sometimes I wonder why the world is so glutinous and voracious to tell the truth in lieu of telling lies that ends with hazarduous repurcussion on others? How can a world takes away the peace and happiness, and leave unwanted bullshit misery on others?
Its a source of nuisance when profound advice is given,its damn boring to listen to the discourse on any matters and its the source of uneasiness when lots of stuffs is taken. Let me just pen down here with, we are what we think not what fate does on us. Anything, good or bad, beautiful or ugly,success and failure,happiness and sorrow and what not, all are the products of our creation.


When the silence of the peace was shattered by the ragging war, when the arena was flooded with the blood,when the hills were formed with death bodies, when the people were living in the state of misery,pain and suffering;nowhere from the heaven descended Florence Nightingale to help the needy, cure the pain with her gentle touch, heal the wound with the loving care, suppress the emotional distress with the pour of sympathy and generiosity and give hopes to hoplessness. It was during this time,Nursing which is embellished with the flowers of arts and science came to being.
Like any other profession, nursing has its body of knowledge and scienctific principles. Nursing is an art for the skills required to perfomed nursing interventions are profound and its science for there is involvement of scientific rationale.
I as the son and the follower of Florence Nightingale, would like to dedicate all my life lending helping hand for the needy irrespective of colour, race, caste, creed and religion. All the interventions I take will be based on culture,values and ethics of a particular group of the people.