Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wasn't it a dream???

Life is something that cannot be defined. It keeps on swinging from one moment to the next. The world has given no birth to a man who can foretell whats in front of his life. In vague sense it can take us from the depth of deepest sorrow to height of blissful state.
Born in the country side, I have a long tale to narrate about the gift I got from the creator.In the forgone years, during my childhood period, I was asked to go for school. No sooner did I hear about the school, my heart pounded vigorously to generate tears in the eyes. Its not simple for me to describe why my heart was so reluctant to go for schooling.Elder brothers and sisters of mine were the pieces of happiness for they were beaten by the age not to go for a place abound with flow of wisdoms,the school.I then knew that my siblings too were suffering from a fear of School, so called scolionophobia.
To fight against the fear that was placing my life on the horn of constant dilemma, I literally prayed my beloved sisters why they were unwilling to go for school.Under scorching rays of compulsion, one of my elder sisters told me that having education was like undergoing corporal punishment in the prison. The word punishment paralyzed my whole mind and soul,with the agonizing pain in my heart. The reason got intensified when one of my friends who went for School complained the parent about the same. He firmly refused to go as he was inflicted with unbearable pain by enforcing him to sit in the basket(basket made from bamboo) fraught with nettle plants.Every student had different story to tell, regarding the mode of punishment in the school.No doubt, punishment was definitely prevalent in the school.
It so happened that the mayor paid a visit to the village only to enforced the parent to send their children for schooling. So immeasurable was the height of the fear I underwent to know that I would be sent for school. When a day was left for me to bid farewell to my parents, sudden rush of emotion signaled me to leave the world permanently. To my astonishment, I could see my father struggling to free my neck from the loop of diabolic rope. In the house, everything was empty for me except the fact that there was a huge cry in the house to know the extreme step I had taken only to escape from the punishment. They assured me that I will be kept with them forever.
Months flew by, to give way to year, and many years ran away disregarding my life. A day came, it was really the day destined to change the course of my life. I didn't know how and who took me to the place which was unfamiliar to my eyes.But I could see myself amidst hundred or so heads. I was fully grown up not to fear anyone. It was so thrilling for me to see that my dad and mom were standing by the white long building with the marked of joy in their faces. And suddenly I realized it was the school, where I was about to begin my formal education.With the closure of the day, my parents assured me that they would pay visit every morning, only to figure out that I was being fooled.
I knew that my parents left me alone in the bevy of unknown faces. I cried for a day until a stranger came to console me. We then became the best friend.No catastrophe ever disrupted my schooling life. All the happenings that happened in the rest of my life in school just appear muffled,yet I am proud to see myself continuing professional education.
When I was overtaken by the fear of school, when the parents were struggling to make me stay in the world, when no willing heart ever grew to study and when ambition to become someone in life had never occured.....I wonder wasn't it a dream to be in nursing profession???

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I miss you Dungtsho...

When everyone in the heart of Thimphu city prepared many things to usher new year,my heart started beating faster than ever before.The very tension hanged my soul too high against the gravity until my eyes were closed with the arrival of night.
I woke up with the start when sweet shrill voice struck my ear,"wake up and have dinner". It was my brother."Well Acho, I will take it later",I replied him as I ran my fingers on the eyes to clarify the vision.I took a plate of rice and slept again.
As the rays of morning sun peeped through the window glass, I went for bathroom to take hot water bath.No sooner had I entered the room, there was a call,it was my friend Lhab Dorji. His voice was shallow and stammering as he said,"Wai Nima, I have very bad news to tell you today".I didn't expect any tidings other than the wishes for new year."Our friend",he continued after a long pause,"jamtsho was expired in the bike accident". "Who...who,,told you?" I shoot back the broken word. "Aue Nado, told me of the incident" came the answer to my question.
I could not believe with my ears because I knew very well that he won't go in bike anywhere as you and I do. By nature he is very simple, kind and friendly. He never tell an iota of word that can hurt the sentiment of mankind. Every hair in the world can talk and sit comfortably with him even at the first encounter, for his physique is embodied with tinge of smile.So who can ever believe that the god has brutally snatch the life out of my beloved friend, Sonam.
His death was confirmed after I had a telephonic conversation with Lopen Nado,who is also doing the same course to that of the deceased.I made many calls to my friends and senior friends to inform them of the sad demise of our beloved friend.Nobody really trusted me until I plea them time and again. We,the members of dsi family gathered to do something for the friend who no more agreed to be our friend after he got entrapped in the trap of death.
After thorough discussion, we made our way for temples to offer prayers and butter lamp.We spent whole day going from one temple to the next. We faced no transportation problems to pay visit to holy icons and places as many of our seniors were having a car each.
Though new year was right in front of us, it only gave us profound sadness.It was the day which took the part of our heart by stealing the life of my friend.
You gave us everything you have:comfort, peace,money and all the worldly things. Although you are gone from the corner of our eyes, you will always remain closed at my heart till I take the last breath. I misss you Dungtsho......

We bid you tearful farewell sir...

He is an excellent academician, a freedom fighter in nursing profession,a man who believes in equality and justice, a man with farsighted vision, a leader who posses student friendly quality,a teacher with magnanimous charisma, a supporter of human right and a man with devotion and dedication. He is no one but my principal S. N Nanjeda Gowda.
Though your reign in the college is very short, dramatic development and changes has taken place at alarming rate. You have concocted many things to furnish colour to our profession. Gross improvement has taken place in various fields: library, academics, labs and sports to name few.Besides this, clinical experiences has transformed from absolute uselessness in the past 3 years to productive one today because of your effort and initiative.We salute you for turning the wheel of revolution and reformation in our college.
Your farsighted vision and dedication has given life for the celebration of infinite health days and workshop, which has broaden our mind beyond what we learn in the four walls of classroom. Will same thing remain green after your departure? Thats the big question.
Flexibility and considering nature is what makes your personality glow in the eyes of every student. You have been always there in every thick and thin to throw light in the horizon of our life to dispel darkness of problematic situations. We remain indebted for your generous guidance, direction and support.
Mournful day is today, eyes in the tears, agonizing pain in the soul, heaviness in breath, and profound sorrow in the broken hearts, to learn that icon of nursing advocate is leaving us all alone like the blind man in the deserted plain. No measure can measure the pangs of pain and blackness of sorrow. But how can we hold you to stay with us when you are leaving for goodness,thats ready to shower upon your life like the dizzling rain
Dear sir, the world is too far, yet too near. The god will bring us together anywhere at any time. We will always be there to pay homage and respect to you.
As you begins to fly for the place of fortune, may your life be filled with peace, prosperity and happiness. Trust me sir, you will always remain missing piece of our heart. May god bless you.