Thursday, February 10, 2011

We bid you tearful farewell sir...

He is an excellent academician, a freedom fighter in nursing profession,a man who believes in equality and justice, a man with farsighted vision, a leader who posses student friendly quality,a teacher with magnanimous charisma, a supporter of human right and a man with devotion and dedication. He is no one but my principal S. N Nanjeda Gowda.
Though your reign in the college is very short, dramatic development and changes has taken place at alarming rate. You have concocted many things to furnish colour to our profession. Gross improvement has taken place in various fields: library, academics, labs and sports to name few.Besides this, clinical experiences has transformed from absolute uselessness in the past 3 years to productive one today because of your effort and initiative.We salute you for turning the wheel of revolution and reformation in our college.
Your farsighted vision and dedication has given life for the celebration of infinite health days and workshop, which has broaden our mind beyond what we learn in the four walls of classroom. Will same thing remain green after your departure? Thats the big question.
Flexibility and considering nature is what makes your personality glow in the eyes of every student. You have been always there in every thick and thin to throw light in the horizon of our life to dispel darkness of problematic situations. We remain indebted for your generous guidance, direction and support.
Mournful day is today, eyes in the tears, agonizing pain in the soul, heaviness in breath, and profound sorrow in the broken hearts, to learn that icon of nursing advocate is leaving us all alone like the blind man in the deserted plain. No measure can measure the pangs of pain and blackness of sorrow. But how can we hold you to stay with us when you are leaving for goodness,thats ready to shower upon your life like the dizzling rain
Dear sir, the world is too far, yet too near. The god will bring us together anywhere at any time. We will always be there to pay homage and respect to you.
As you begins to fly for the place of fortune, may your life be filled with peace, prosperity and happiness. Trust me sir, you will always remain missing piece of our heart. May god bless you.

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