Thursday, September 16, 2010

A beautiful trip.

As the Volvo bus pulled all its contents to the destined destination, my heart experienced a heavy flow of the blood as never before to impart the message on the brain that a body fully embellished with the fragile soul is spearheading its way to the place where one could sight the wonder of the world. A minute of journey made me think that travelling in such luxurious bus is but the heaven created by the man. Unlike the ordinary bus it has everything to offer ranging from fleecy sofa to a machine to cool down the boiling air. So the force of the comfort was vehemently great and provoked the god of sleep to shut my eyes

So wonderful was the dream I dreamt in the bus. There were thousands of angels to welcome me to the wonderland. The ever flowing air was fully fraught with the melodious songs of the retinues of the god. Looking on the side of the roads were the flowers shaped into various forms. To my astonishment there was outburst of voice which inflicted intolerable pain in the ear as it began,”Yogso becho goyung jaineng through olo” which means ‘ will give a blow on your head’.
It was my friend Jash the friend I want to meet in the place I was going.

“I am very happy” he began as his eyes wondered to fixed the gaze on mine,”that the god has made the astounding plan to meet us together once again though I detached my body and soul from the college where we studied together for a year”. “Yeah,it gives me profound delight to see you after three years of your departure from Bangalore”, I responded,”and to tell you the truth, I am not here just because the Kerala-your native place is beautiful, its because my heart pushed me to this place to see you,dear friend". “Yeah! I know that”, he continued,”well lets go to my hometown its far from this bus station”. We got inside the super fast bus and journeyed till we reached the place by name Varkala.
“I guess this is the place where you belong right?” I questioned him. “Well we will go by the bike,its twenty minutes away from this place” he answered. Fifteen minutes of journey by the bike let the concrete wall engraved with the word Jashland to rolled down in front of my eyes. He put the brake as his mouth opened to say,”please be here in the lobby, I will be right back”. Within a minute he opened the door where I saw many smiling faces to welcome me to the house. Hell of conversations went on with his mother . Though it gave no meaning, I very well knew that he was introducing me to his mom.
After few minutes, I and my friend Lhab was told to come for the breakfast. Looking on the table I could see varities of dishes waiting for us.They have arranged all sorts of edible stuffs as if it was meant for offering to the god almigty. I took almost all the share that was meant for me. Heavy breakfast punched us down to sleep.

When the sun in the azure sky was shining merrily, we went to the beach. The whole body started shuddering when the eyes caught the sight of the huge roaring ocean. I could beheld as if the gigantic man was approaching me as the huge roll of waves made its way to the bay.But they became my friends as we came to the beach time and again.Lugubriously the time was too brutal for me.Three days flew away like the minute and made my head tilt towards Bangalore with the socket of my eyes filled with the tears. The tears got dryed up as cool air of the speeding train entered through the window.

I woke up with the start as the honking sounds of the train wrung my ear to signify that its in Bangalore.So it was really a beautiful trip I ever made in my life.


  1. wow...nice one.........seems u really have a good friend and had a wonderful trip...cheers

  2. Yeah,he is one of my best fren..