Sunday, September 19, 2010

From nonveg to veg

Like the gigantic men, there stand three magnificient mountains overlooking eachother, segregated by incessantly singing rivers.One of the three elements located to the north bends its neck to shoulder the roomy space for the growth of the settlement. There a boy was born in the backward family background.
The boy, as many people pointed was meek and docile, and never found the time to mingle with the peers. It so happened that his parent decided to send the boy for school and he was given the elaborate information.Socialing was the biggest enemy of his mind.Out of profound sadness and apprehension, he made consolidated decision to end his life by strangulation.His father assured him that he would not let him go for the school. So the boy was given the chance to study philosophy that had been inherited down from the forefather.Many years passed,there was no tinge of improvement in the study and in leu of that the boy had developed the art of slaughtering animals-domestic and wild.The parent's endeavour to concoct religious mind out of the boy got evaporated in the tear of sadness and thus he was left alone to engross himself in the world he wish to be.
The boy showed keen interest in the art of killing. He lit the world of the parent by trapping numerous creatures;deer, boar and lot more from the jungle and selling them to the neighbouring people. With the passage of time, the house became like the butcher shop where throng of the masses made their way to buy the meat. His thirst for killing found no bound and was invited everywhere in the locality to kill.
Two years later, when he was 10, bevy of teachers came to the village to enforce the parents to send their child for study so that the school which was three days walk could sight the countable number of heads to keep it runing under the revolving wheel of Royal Goverment.Nothing could be done but to drag the boy to School.The behavior is learnt and can be shaped;the introvert nature of the boy was transformed to extrovert.When the door of a month of his stay in the school closed to usher the next, he could feel the rhythmic beat of eagerness to intermingle with the people.No doubt, there were no other chidren in the class who could vanquish the boy in the study. He received priceless awards for his ability to bring flying results in the academics.Like the pomposity that was grown in the village, so did his popularity in the School till 9th standard.
Closure of the academic sessions kicked the boy out of the school in 2006 as it used to be in the gone years.When he reached the home for vacation, he was extremely happy to know that construction of new house was in progress.The father ordered the boy to take away the breath of the cow so that it can be used to recruit people for the construction of the house.Given the chance he took the cow to be hanged on the tree which extends its hands towards the south. No sooner had he began to climb the tree with the metallic rope in his hand, a sudden gush of eccentric feeling overpowered his mind. To his astonishment, he eyed the bulbs of tears oozing from the shimmering eyes of the cow. He got down the tree and went back to the house with the eyes fraught with the tears to inform parent regarding the incident. He released the cow against the wishes of the parents. Within few moments he could find the fleecy clouds of sadness, sympathy, generiosity and compassion veiling his head and took dramatic steps not to take away the life of any forms of being at any cost. Incomplete portion of the house was completed by force of money.
Weeks and months walked away to measure the length of the year. During the time of board examination, the health of the boy came under the hand of devilish illness, yet the chain of destinay pulled him to Bangalore, India, to pursue B.Sc.Nursing couse. Till then the aforesaid tragic happening haunt him all the time.This drove his mind to receive blessing from His Holiness Penor Rinpoche when he paid a visit to Mysore. He also took the oath never to cause any forms of harm to sentient being and to convert the eating habit from nonveg to veg.
(He was a veg, he is a veg and he will be veg. And the boy is he, who wrote the article 'from nonveg to veg')

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