Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Choice of Profession

Profession is the revered paid occupation that requires advanced educaton, training and dexterity; which in fact is the univesal element -the sun, the moon and the stars giving colours to glow our life admidst the countless heads.
Making the right choice of profession is imperative for shaping its shape; for thousands of professional courses are waiting for the man of will, determination and diligence to reach.Choosing the profession is like selecting the correct shoes based on colour, size and texture. The wrongly chosen shoes are the sources of discomfort, discontentment,depressions and disappointment to the users and the same is true for the person in the wrong shoes of profession.
What is done is never undone.Once the pofessional course is chosen, it take our life,money and harmonious peace of our mind while pursuing for another desired profession. Though not many, few of the young learners are trapped and whipped and victimized under the tyrant hand of alcoholism and drugs.In realism, wrong profession has paramount sources of appallingly negative impact in our life for it bleeds our heart with sadness, shed profuse tears as summer rain, add burden to the parent-the burden of guilt, grief and remorse.
Showing the sense of courtesy, respect andhonour to the profession is essential in the journey of one's life. Nobody-not the single hair in the society wil value such man as a man, unless he showers utmost respect to the course he is undergoing.Uless he is contented with the chosen course, how can he value it as the special course?Later on his life will be doomed and his once blooming, harmonious life will definitely be beaten by the whip of sufferings and sorrows.
Ritual befor the advent of disease and the drain before the advent of rain lets swim deeply, deeply down the various oceans of the courses to observe, analyze and study which is the most apt able.Remember as far as we are in the right profession, it brings dramatic positive changes in our life:fulfilment of long coveted dream, great satisfaction and contentment, embellishment of our life with the colour of peace and happiness which in turn radiate to the achievement of the hopes and aspiration of our parents.
Well, there are many ways by which we can have access to the ever flowing courses the world has to offer. Browsing through the inernet, enquiring the man of letter, attending the seminars etc are some of the many ways by which we can have access to reach the perfect place of profession and be the glowig moon, though not feasible to be twinkling stars in the azure heaven.'If you want to make your dream comes true, you must wake up'.Its right time, right time to wake up from the deep slumber,dear friends,and concoct firm consolidated decision and float along with the right profession, for nation has entrusted us with the huge roles and responsibilities as a special citizen.
Lets take the duty seriously to strengthen national pillars of support towards the achievement of national goals to uplift the nation which was already placed in the palm of our hand by the former philanthropic governor- The fourth king Jigme Singye Wangchuck

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