Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Little married couple

The horizon of Yebilaptsa Middle Secondary School was embellished with the rainbow of peace and tranquility. There were swarming masses of the teachers and students flowing into the M.P hall to mark the inter house cultural event. And Dorji was one of the audiences for the programme.

As the cultural event commenced to draw cheers, thrills and fun among the audience, Dorji's eyes got adhered to the bewitching beauty of a girl.To his astonishment she was a piece of a heavenly angel sent from the heaven to quench the people's thirst for music and rhythmic dances. Sweet notes of voice emanating from her sparkling lips were so thrilling that each and every sleeping organs came to live. The jewel of his attention was conquered by her splendid move. "I think she is an angel designed by the almighty for me", Dorji whispered to his friend Sherab whose senses were fully engrossed in ever flowing song.

"Look, there are lots of similarities between us," Dorji continued, despite Sherab's reluctance to listen to his whisper."I heard that she is Yangzom, from the same district, sharing the same tongue, following the same religion and so forth". His attention was gobbled up by the performance in which the girl who touched his eyes was the lead performer.

Dorji was in class seven and the girl was in class eight. The academic session flew smoothly and silently; there was no interactions amongst them for they are strangers to each other. "Hey dear", a shrill voices coming from the corner of the class began. Her hair was black and fleecy, the pair of her glowing eyes were fixed on his, her body was slim, and aroma of her body was tantalizing."Are you from Zhemgang?" "Yes I am from Zhemgang", he responded to her question with the tinge of smile on his cheek.

Their conversation was followed by series of long silence.Gush of thoughts ran through Dorji's mind which inflicted heavy pain."Your name is Dema rite?" he questioned her with the mark of embarrassment and shyness. "Yes, you are right," she answered him. "Oh thanks!" his monotonous voice continued. "Hey do you know the girl who was the lead dancer in yesterday's welcome dance? She is amazing! I will be extremely delighted if you kindly gave me her details." "To tell you the truth, she is my sister, the youngest in our family", she said as she turned away to withdraw her gaze from his."And if you are really in love with her, I am ready to help you out but it solely depends on her to accept you as her boy."

He dispatched a letter stating his hungriness to spent the rest of life with her. He was happy but nervous to receive a chit from her that read: 'Dear, thank you for the letter. It was sweet but I can not guarantee my heart to you as you are a stranger to me. I will just put thoughts on it and let you know soon. Take good care.'

Dorji saw himself in the heaven filled with unprecedented joy. He took every step to win her heart, worked day and night to complete her assignment and homework, wished her birthday with attractive gifts and exhibited everything in such a way not to reveal his darker side to her.

A week later he was surprised to see the girl with a bunch of red rose waiting on his way to hostel. "Dorji, I love you so much from the bottom of my heart," the girl went on. Will you marry me?". And their relationship begun. The bond of romanticism that bound their affair was too strong that they were deaf to the advice of the teachers and happily got married. For them nothing proves to be more rewarding than lovely affair and sacrificed their education for the successful relationship. They became educated farmer and lived happily ever after

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