Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The last cry

The sun in the heaven was smiling with gay as we started our journey to Bhutan. It was on 27th of November 2009.Everything in our ways seemed to be in celebrative state: the bird singing a melodious song, vehicle honking and conking, children dancing in the street, and so forth. And in the midst of jubilation my heart got light with the delight as I received a call from the gal friend, now a wife to someone.

So thrilling was the journey in the train. There were eight of us in the same berth. Singing, dancing, chatting, eating and teasing was the usual chore in the journey.As the face of NJP approached in front of us, we got down from the train. There was man waiting for our arrival with a car and he was the uncle of my senior friend Aue Phuntsho. He was very kind enough to take us to the guest house where we filled our belly with the scrumptious dishes.We had a beautiful sleep as the food churning in the stomach posed fatigue in the whole body.

We woke up from the death slumber with the hope to catch the bus but to no avail.So we hired the taxi which took few hours to reach our country. There we entered in the hotel to strengthen our body with the breakfast. I could see that my friends had almost finished their share when I was lost in thought to meet her.I walked out from the restaurant to make a call. “Hello,” came the sweet voice. “Hello Karma,”I replied, “how are you? This is Nima here.” There was a brief moment of silence until she began,”so when are you coming to capital?” “Well I will be right there in the evening” I answered,”so hope to see you there, bye”. Within an hour later, I started my journey from Phuntsholing to Thimphu, it was the longest journey I ever travelled.
When I reached the booking, my happiness found no bound to see her in a thick woollen overcoat waiting for my arrival. I got down from the bus only to see her eyes filled with tears of joy or tear of sadness? “Hi glad to see you “ tremulous voice came from the glowing lips,”this is sim I bought for you, so do keep in touch with me through it phaya?” “All right”I said as I fixed my gaze on the ground. As the horizon of Thimphu was fully covered with the fleecy blanket of night, our conversation came to end with” okay see you Karma, I am going”. Though she was left behind, I could feel her presence inside the mind.I was very happy that she called me to ensured my safe arrival in my brother’s house.

The luck did favour us. I was on holiday and she too had done with the common civil service exam, so she enquired me to head towards respective native home. Everything was done by her from booking ticket to preparing lunch. As planned we started our journey to home town but departed from Gelegphu as she has brother-in-law going to her home. I too began shortening the way to my home as the Buli bus pulled me with its full vigor to Gomphu. I reached my home by the providence of the almighty.

Though we were far from each other, cell phone kept us closer. So everything was preplanned: she was busy planning to go for hunting available job and on other hand I too was hectic planning to go for college.

We met there in one of our friends house in Thimphu. There we had beautiful enjoyable times, I guess it won’t get evaporated from my mind until the age or illness nock me down and devoid me of life. It was there in the same house, she cried with the head resting on my lap like the child demanding something from the mother. I tried every means to comfort her and to stopped her from shedding tears but to no avail. I was drowned,fully drowned in the depth of sadness as I was not in position to hold back her tears. She gave me no reasons for the same which made my heart heavy with profound sadness. Everything restored back to normal as our friends, the owner of the house returned.

As the time got shorten to return to the college, I promised her that I will be back in August after my exam. I found as if I was in the prison as I began my college hours in the ever increasing heat of the classroom. Despite busy and hectic schedule I called her once in fortnight, but a time came where she was reluctant to answer my call and that was the end of our relationship and it was a beginning of new relationship for her.

So the cry she cried was the last cry and will never cry in the journey of my life!


  1. Beautifully written. Love this :)

  2. some memories whateva the reason be, and however the way we cherish be, it wont leave our memory. haunts and sometimes rejuvenate us. yet still, its the fact that makes us live our past...and dats what makes life a "life".
    god bless you bro.....hope she remembers your shoulder on which she cried the next tym she cry.

  3. worry not man, lets enjoy ourselves first den we can have

  4. As you say 'Sogyle bro' I am hoping against every hope that the haunting experiences thats still flowing through my mind will will be blown out by the current of new blooming love...