Wednesday, September 8, 2010

She was a liar!

The night of the Bangalore was filled with the roaring and thundering horn of thunder, it was on 30th of March. The heaven was enveloped under the blanket of darkness barring all the celestial bodies from celebrating their life. My heart was thumping vigorously at its alarming pace with the force of depression and anxiety.

To colour my life with the colour of peace and tranquillity, I ran outside to fill the tummy of the cell with the voucher and to call the heart I love with all my heart. I pressed selectively the numbers which combined intricately to form her contact number. I dialed them fifty or so times but she was deaf to my call. I messaged her at least to response to it but to no avail.

I woke up with the start as the glow of sun smiled through the polarised window glass with the disappearance of horrifying night-it was really a gruesome night for the continuous gush of thoughts kept on buzzing and swarming through the brain. Unsatisfied I called her but she was talking with someone. I tried time and again until her cell was open to the waves of my call. I kept on ringing the bell of her cell but she was silent. She received the call after throwing the emotionally moving message to the screen of her cell. Her voice was shallow, soft and hollow as if she has been sick for the last the three months as she said,"Nima I am sick". "Well karma" I began my conversation with her, "I will be right there to help you get out of the sickness or at least to admit you in the hospital". "No", shrill broken voice responded again, "please don't take so much trouble to come". I put an end to our conversation as I hung up my cell with, "I am coming today, right now".

I begged and borrowed money from my friends who were shocked with my sudden flash of ideas to head for my motherland. Yet they were eager to help me out in finding the solution for the problems I was in. Five thousands or so bucks of cash was more than enough to carry me for Bhutan.

I along with the friend Ugyen started our journey in the train; sacrificing everything: comfort, peace, study, and works. In the train, my body was but the food, cooking in the hot flow of streaming wind. I could do nothing to stop my body from searing and boiling in the boiling gases.

To my astonishment, I found my body at Phuntsholing,one of the most popular towns in Bhutan. I stepped in into the shop to buy sim card and called her again. Dolorously way to her cell was blocked and barred. All my nerves and sinews were numbed and motionless because of profound emotional disturbances. I then drew the line of communication with her sister after my sleeping vital organs came to live again."Hey Aje, this is Nima" I started ,"how is Karma? I came all the way from Bangalore just to see her because she told me that she was seriously ill"."She is a shit", she replied me, her voice was harsh and furious with the marked of anguish and sadness in the tone," she was married to a physiotherapy guy. She was madly in love with him. Nima, I am sorry". "Its fine Aje, no one can break the bond of love tied by the ribbon of faith, trust, care and concern", with that I lied down on the bed and to forget the shit until the crowds of past memories collided in the bubble of the mind and kept me awake.

I did all the measures as all people do to calm down the hot and humid sensation circulating inside the mind, but nothing proved to be satisfactory therapy. And suddenly I realized but didn't realize that I was there to help her but to get myself trapped in the trap of her lie, deception,cheat, fraud, and false promise. She was a liar


  1. Bro,its sad, but its okie that this thing happned before it became to big for u. time was impatient and conspired a something new for u.
    it a dead past. and yeah, its not worth a love for such a woman....!!!

  2. oye nima! i am very sad mai by going through ur wonderful and beautifully script....."God will see the truth but waits"