Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The destiny.

Tenzin was very simple and shy boy, originally from the backward family. He was religious and fond of offering prayers every now and then. His father who was one of the lay monks in the community lit the religious life of his only boy by propounding the religion through the religious manuscripts. Tenzin’s mind found no where to wonder but to engaged in the religious chore in the community like chanting Buddhist Scripts,performing rituals and so forth. He was also engrossed in the art of meditation under the guidance of the father. It continued till he was beaten with the age for Schooling.

To his amazement, Tenzin found himself amidst the crowded head in the school which was three days work from the village. The boy was grown up in the village where he could hardly find peer groups to play; it gives him immense emotional burden to be with the tens of hundreds of new faces in the school. He cried on the top of his lung so that his parent won’t leave him all alone; for him socializing was a kind of punishment. His mother was there to wipe the rolling tears off the eyes with the continuous empathetic words to anew the sadden heart.

And the day came,so evil was the day for him when his parent told him the biggest lie. “Tenzin, today we will be going to the village to fetch you rations.” Said his father.”We will be coming within six days, so never cry”.”All right dad” the boy replied,”but make sure that you come soon.” “Don’t worry son”,the father went on,”we will be back very soon.” So they broke the chain of bonding as the mother bid adieu to the son. Weeks and months went by but there was no signs of return. He wept a lot until Leki came to befriend him. He gave him comfort and solace and thus they developed a strong bond of friendship. And still they are friend and they will be friend till their last breath.

It was Leki who really transformed naive attitude of Tenzin into a dynamic personality. The year flew away like the dry leaves blown away by the wind. Tenzin studied industriously and came up with the flying marks. He was adulated by the teachers and friends for his wonderful performance in the academics. No doubt he was the topper till 9th standard and thereafter his performance declined yet he managed to crossed the bar set by the ministry of education to step up to study in 11th standard. He joined in Bioscience with the hope to be a doctor until his health was fired with illness just a day was left for him to appear for the common exam. His dream shattered into pieces and blew away from the tip of his mind. He woke up with whole body fraught with the sweat and the heavy head as the rays of morning sun peeped through the window as the time for the exam pushed him out of the room.

The warden persuaded Tenzin not to appear the exam but he didn’t gave the heed. Even the supervisor told him the same yet he turned his deaf ears to her words.Off the race for the exam started. The boy struggled a lot to write the answers as the shivering body inhibited from doing so.

After two months the result was declaired. Tenzin didn’t give a damn to the news thinking that he missed the opportunities for tertiary education . His friend Thup informed him that he got 72% and was eligible for scholarship. As said by his friend Thup, he applied for the scholarship and got hell of options to choose. Many of his friends persuaded not to go for Nursing. Despite of repeated warning he joined in nursing field. Nursing field will always follow wherever he goes like the shadow and nursing profession will be running his life ,and thats his destiny.

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